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Why buy dried lavender bundles and what makes our bundles so special?

Did you know that a dried lavender bundle can retain its color for many months, even more than a year?

But what's even more important, we preserve its fragrance.

Since we started farming lavender over seven years ago, we have learned much about this incredible plant.

Through years of experience and the school of hard knocks, we learned that nothing is better than a dried bundle of lavender. We found out that fresh lavender is not a product to be admired. Firstly fresh cut lavender spoils when being shipped. 

But dried lavender lasts a very long time and never spoils.

You see it's the oil in the flowers that produce the fragrance. Dried lavender does not lose oil only water content. 

Once a bundle is dried properly, the color and fragrance are preserved. A dry bundle can fill a room with lavender fragrance for six months to a year. Actually, dried lavender has a stronger fragrance than fresh lavender because oil becomes more concentrated.


To prove how the oil is preserved in a dry bundle, simply pull a few flowers off your bundle and crush them between your thumb and forefinger. Then smell the very strong and amazing fragrance left on the tip of your finger. These incredible dry bundles will slowly release their beautiful scent to freshen up any place you put them in your house.

So, why buy our bundles? One reason is they are freshly harvested. Secondly, we are very good at preserving lavender bundles. We have tons of experience making bundles to keep their fragrance. Third, nothing represents the love of lavender like a natural bundle. Lastly, our bundles are economical because we have produced and sold thousands of bundles. We have a special offer on multiple bundles for sale right now. Also, keep in mind there will be something special in store for you when you get them.

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